The new era of semiconductors will enable transformational products for artificial intelligence (AI),5G, automotive, networking, cloud andedge compute applications. Ubiquitous connectivity, low latency and faster data rates will enable billions of more smart devices. Thesedevices will rely on advanced, low power FinFET designs and state-of-the-art3D-ICpackaging technologies to deliver the required power,performance, area and reliability metrics.

Multiphysics analysis is critical for enabling these cutting-edge electronics systems to work reliably in their lifetime. ANSYS empowerscustomers with multiphysics simulations to simultaneously solve power, thermal, variability, timing, electromagnetics and reliabilitychallenges across the spectrum of chip, package and system to promote first-time silicon and system success. ANSYS simulation andmodeling toolsoffer you early power budgeting analysis for high-impact design decisions and foundry-certified accuracy needed for ICsignoff

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